Business 2 Business

The IQU Group has developed an extensive list of Business partners that deliver the full spectrum of products into various industry channels. Our goal is to always work with partners that have experience, local knowledge and dedicated local support. From our logistics partners to our external agencies, the extended IQU family is a committed network of professionals with a common goal.

The goal is to bring 'best value'smart technology to all customers in Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands.

Smart Technology

The backbone of our existience is Smart Technology. All of our products or services will involve 'smart technology' and will serve a purpose to our end users and consumers. We sift the globe looking for the latest in 'smart technology' and have partnered with leading edge, state of the art high quality suppliers who subscribe to our ethos of providing smart technology to enrich the lives of our customers.

We strive to make 'smart technology' simple.


Our heritage and our DNA has evolved from within the Telecommunications sector. From launching mobile phones over 20 years ago to developing niche telco products, the IQU Group is synonymous with telecommunciations. We have partnered exclsuively with some of the most exciting and reputable organisations world-wide and work closely with mobile carriers, retailers and distributors to bring the latest and most affordable range of telecommunications products to all consumers across Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands.


The everchanging world of e-mobility has brought a new dimension to sustainable options of getting around. Today, e-scooters and e-bikes are considered a solid alternative mode of transport and brings both enjoyment and practiclity in urban living. The IQU Group has partnered with pioneers in this space and bring to market premium brands with authentic designs and technology.

Import Export

The IQU Group team has accumulated collectively over 50 years of import and export experience. With deep knowledge in managing vendors & suppliers from across the globe from Europe to Asia and onwards to North & South America. We drive efficiencies and savings which contribute to 'best value' offerings to all customers. We service all the Oceania markets with on time deliveries and hassle free shipping.

Retail distribution

Our retail channel partners are the main avenue to our trusted consumers. By partnering with retailers who have ubiquitous points of reach and an appetite for smart technology products we are able to serve all our customer needs together. Our team have tremendous experience at the retail shop front spanning many decades and bring this knowledge to the fore when collaborating with retail partners.